Do you have a question, comment, or great idea? Do you want to apply for donations for a new project on Protonchain? You can reach us by sending a DM (direct message) using the links below.

About Donations

Your donations can be tax-deductible under the name "Protonverse, Inc." (501(c)(3) status coming soon on Your vote can also help add value to this chain. For instance, every time you vote for ProtonMT, you are helping fund and donate a portion of our own (Blockchain Producer) rewards, to be given to new projects, metaverse designers, NFT artists, and start-ups that can help grow the Protonchain and your investments. The ProtonVerse Board will interview and choose ffrom among community projects. A new recipient will be picked every 3 months starting the end of December 2021.

For instance, show us how your project or idea is applicable to the planned Protonverse (metaverse on Proton). The winning project or start-up will receive up to 5% of our Blockchain rewards for the quarter (and can reapply for additional funding for up to a year).


Proton MT, LLC
PO Box 56
Emigrant, MT 59027

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