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Come Help Build the ProtonVerse

Come Help Build the ProtonVerse
The call is going out to the community to be a part of the creation of ProtonVerse (a metaverse) on Protonchain. Advisory board members are needed to help guide the creation and growth of Protonchain.

The metaverses of tomorrow will likey be accessable via the internet for everyone to share using augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR),  3d virtual world imagery similar to the movie called “Ready Player One.” Even though Facebook (meta) and others are creating their own version of the metaverse, this does not mean that the general public has to wait and see how they can be a part of the meta-verse future. For instance, ProtonVerse is planning to help you secure and store your precious digital assets. We also want you to be part of the ProtonVerse (metaverse) creation now. How?

We are asking all interested parties to request to join the new ProtonVerse Advisory Board by sending a DM to the twitter account @ProtonVerse. If you just want to help design the ProtonVerse, but do not want to be on the advisory board, then we will have a website suggestion box as part of the ProtonVerse website launch by January 2022.

This new advisory Board is a critical first step to having a truly open public metaverse. The only criteria for ProtonVerse (metaverse) is that it be a family-friendly open metaverse. Yes, in answer to those who have asked, there will be a ProtonVerse coin. We are also excited about announcing that the ProtonVerse non-profit 501(c)(3) will be ready next week for all who want to invest early in the ProtonVerse metaverse as a tax-deductible investment. This allows ProtonVerse to be a free and open metaverse for everyone (no monthly fees); even if you just want to look around or earn money by play2earn games and tasks. Yes, FREE to join! Of course, family friendly corporate and private advertisers and investors will also be welcome to advertise for a reasonable tax-deductible fee.

But the main goal of #ProtonVerse is to be an open metaverse that streams metadata efficiently while protecting your digital assets-like NFTs, gaming assets, designs (using watermarks and metadata licensing terms embedded in your digital assets) all stored at secure locations on Blockchain super-nodes.

ProtonVerse is planning to help secure and store your precious digital assets on tiered super node(s) and decentralized computers interconnected to a system of open metaverse applications, experiences, and digital goods on Protonchain. The technology is already available through a combination of storage, blockchain technology and decentralized oracles. One of the best ways you can help protect your digital assets will be to place them on the ProtonVerse starting in 2022. A priority for the ProtonVerse is to first open an NFT gallery/marketplace for the purpose of securing your digital assets. As time goes on, the industry will get better at protecting talented individuals and their works. But there’s one thing that artists can do now to protect themselves from copyright infringement. For instance, mint NFTs with a watermark. You can also set out licensing terms in the (meta-data) description for your non-fungible token (NFTs). More importantly, you can soon add unlockable content with a high-resolution, watermark-free copy that the buyer can receive upon purchasing a ProtonVerse token. Thus, creators will be able to take all of their digital assets with them into ProtonVerse and other metaverses in the future.

Besides being able to help securely store your NFT’s on the ProtonVerse, everyone will be able to interact with others within this virtual environment, with free and purchased virtual lands; securely buy & sell your NFT art, avatar designs, gaming 3D assets, and more. Copyrights, trademarks, and internet domain names have also been registered/purchased to offer the public a place to create your own individual communities within ProtonVerse with little technical skills. These ProtonVerse communities will include a gaming community with cross-platform gaming; a dating community; a Proton fantasy island; virtual shops and stores; NFT galleries; education and spiritual communities; commercial for-profit & non-profit corporation islands; and just about any other possible community that is family friendly can be created by anyone!

In closing, you will be able to connect your Protonchain wallets (having fiat integration soon) to bring you a truly open metaverse experience using many currencies. Plus, with the Proton blockchain DeFi/bank custodians and partnerships that they are developing, we may be able to share these benefits in new and exciting ways on the ProtonVerse. We look forward to working with all #Protonchain supporters to help implement these goals and to grow your investments on this Protonchain. For this endeavor, ProtonVerse Corporation is actively seeking to hire Web3 engineers and programmers. All serious inquiries, please DM us on Twitter @ProtonVerse.