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Proton MT is America’s first Block Producer located safely in the Rocky Mountains (Montana) supporting the Proton Chain network. This location uses a major internet node (backbone) tucked away from the coast and big cities where your data has uncongested access and greater protection!

We have no external or 3rd party financial sources of funding other than our Block Producer rewards that we donate in part ONLY to the Proton community. Proton MT, LLC (owned by Val O'Connell) is a registered corporation in the state of Montana. There are no other controlling interests or stakeholders at this time.


  • Independent film, graphic design/animation with 10 years experience in server management and front-end web technologies.
  • Avid investors and followers of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for 6 years.
  • Discovered Proton in 2019 to become Metal Pay users; then Blockchain Producers; and never looked back.

Code of Conduct‌

Every person has inherent value and is filled with unlimited potential. Each one of us adds something to the recipe of life, and all are deserving of tolerance and respect. In all of our dealings, we strive to act with transparency, honor, and integrity. The mission of Proton MT (from the beginning) has been dedicated to the mass adoption and huge growth of the Proton Chain worldwide. This mission to popularize the chain includes a newsletter blog site; featuring blockchain news and developer interviews; and "influencer" news shared on social media (twitter, discord, reddit, telegram, etc..). We also feature a current news site here for you to find breaking news & investor updates.


We believe wholeheartedly in the vision and abilities of CEO-Marshall Hayner and the Metallicus team to bring the Protonchain & crypto adoption to the masses. We also believe in growing your investments on this chain; which is why we are donating up to 10% per year of our own block rewards to fund outreach and to increase awareness of cryptocurrency and marketing promotional products on the Proton chain to help add value and grow your investments. This includes donating ONLY to Proton projects that grow your investments for you (including gaming, NFTs, and the planned Protonverse-an AR/VR/WebXR open metaverse for all to enjoy).

We pledge to always protect your data on this chain by investing in the best high-grade network servers that support ONLY the Proton blockchain. We never pay for user votes but earn your votes through growing and supporting the Proton community. While some BPs short stake using non-BP accounts, we do not hide who we vote for and are transparent in our allocation of block rewards. This is because we are proud to highlight and promote those that actively add value to this chain. This also allows everyone to see all our earnings data reported and compiled at

Why Vote for ProtonMT

Deflationary Donations: Up to 5% of rewards will be donated to start-ups or projects that help grow the Protonchain (chosen by you, the voters, each quarter). See our donation page to learn more about how to vote for your favorite projects or to apply for donations for your own project(s) on Protonchain. Feel free to view all of our transactions independently compiled and published at under the name, ProtonMT.

Node/Server Specs

Proton MT (Montana) invested large sums of $$$ into this community by not renting equipment. Instead, we buy high-quality server equipment and use a state-of-the-art tier-3 redundant power & connection data center located remotely away from big city internet congestion in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Proton MT uses only professional-grade network server equipment with the latest 5.3 GHz Performed & tuned Intel i-9 custom CPUs; 64 GB of RAM; and Solid State Drives (MVME Terabyte drives) to guarantee better-than-industry standards for the best performance and redundancy.

Our hardware is also protected behind blockchain encryption, firewalls, and larger scalable and redundant bandwidth. Our infrastructure scales 100Gbps and includes DDoS protection in the event of an attack.

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